Sleek enough to fit neatly with your TV but with enough power to make its presence felt, the Panasonic SCHTB488 soundbar is the perfect match for your sleek TV
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Product Overview

A huge improvement in sound
With larger than average speaker drive units, the Panasonic SCHTB488 gives a fuller and richer sound than many rivals. The difference between the Panasonic and the vast majority of TVs is night and day in terms of sound quality. Due to the broad width and clever shaping, the sound is also broader and far more spacious than your average TV, too.

Powerful bass from the wireless subwoofer
The separate subwoofer uses a downward firing cone to add impact to movie soundtracks and high drama events. It also features a wireless connection, making it easy to tuck out of the way, without having to consider where to put the trailing cables.

Stream music via Bluetooth
As well as making your TV sound great, the SCHT-B488 also offers effortless Bluetooth music streaming. Simply pair your device and stream music from your smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth-equipped laptop or desktop. Stream your music library or use a music streaming service such as Spotify, Pandora or the iPlayer Radio.

Panasonic Music Streaming App
If you've got an Android Smartphone then streaming music to the soundbar is even easier. Simply download the free app from the Google Play store and take control of both stored music and streaming services with one simple app.

HDMI with ARC for system flexibility
With an HDMI input you can connect up your Blu-ray player, DVD or games console with the best quality digital connection. Thanks to ARC (Audio Return Channel) you also only need a single HDMI cable between soundbar and TV to hear the sound from the TV's onboard receiver. There's also an optical input for another source that might not have an HDMI connection.

Give your TV the sound it deserves, with the Panasonic SCHTB488

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