Denon DP29FA Turntable - Fully automatic with inbuilt phono


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The Denon DP-29FA is a fully automatic turntable that starts playing your record with a simple touch of a button

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Product Overview

The Denon DP-29FA is a fully automatic turntable that starts playing your record with a simple touch of a button. And when the record is finished, the tonearm automatically returns to its original position and stops the turntable from rotating.Fully Automatic Belt Drive Turntable

  • Switchable, Built-In Phono Stage Allows Connection To Any Amplifier
  • Compact Size Is Easy to Locate Anywhere In Your Room
  • A Reliable, Great Sounding Record Player At A Great Price

By eliminating the need to handle the tonearm manually, you dramatically minimise the chances of inadvertently scratching your records. There's also a manual lift mechanism that allows you to place the stylus on the record wherever you want, just in case you'd like to skip to a song in the middle of a side.

In-Built Phono Preamplifier/Equaliser: Even if your Receiver or Amplifier doesn't have a phono input - a very common situation since the home theatre era - this versatile turntable will play through your system, you don't even need a phono pre-amp or a phono input on your Receiver or Amplifier because the DP-29FA includes a built-in phono preamp. You can simply connect it up to your system through a standard auxiliary (AUX) connection. But if your Receiver or Amplifier does have a phono input and you'd prefer to use it, then a small switch beneath the platter disengages the preamp.

And for solid, dependable playback, the DP-29FA has been precision manufactured with rigid diecast aluminium for perfectly stable turntable rotation.

Technical Specifications

Design: Fully Automatic Belt Drive Turntable.

Motor: DC Servo Type.

Platter: Aluminum.

Phono Equaliser: Built-in phono RIAA Equaliser.

Cartridge: Moving Magnet Cartridge.

Stylus: Audio Technica ATN-3600L or Denon DSN82

Tonearm: Dynamic balance Tone arm.

Lift: Manual lift included.

Two Speeds: 33-1/3 rpm & 45 rpm.

Wow & Flutter: 0.15%

Nett Weight: 2.8kg.

Dimensions (WxHxD): 360 x 97 x 357mm with lid closed

Manufactures Warranty: 2 years

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2 Year Warranty


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