Premium 30 Pin dock with Bluetooth & AUX input, and other features in a unique styling and functional design.

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Dock Music System
Superb Portable Audio Solution for iPod/iPhone/iPad

The SBX-200 iPod/iPhone/iPad Dock Music System may be compact in size, but it punches above its weight when it comes to sound quality and features. Onkyo brought its long experience in specialist hi-fi equipment to bear when crafting a sound for the SBX-200. It utilizes bass management technology derived from Onkyo’s subwoofer range, delivering amazing bass power via rear mounted ducts. Digital amplifier circuitry, Active Bass Control, and a pair of full-range speakers put out clear, room-filling sound. The unit’s dust-proof cradle gives your iPod/iPhone/iPad a direct digital connection (and a handy recharge) for pristine playback. Best of all, the SBX-200 features Bluetooth functionality. Simply push the “pairing” button on the side of the unit to play the library on your iPod touch/iPhone/iPad or Android phone wirelessly. With the convenient carry handle and modest weight, the SBX-200 truly is a portable powerhouse.


  • 20 W/Ch at 6 Ω, 1 kHz, 2 Channels Driven, IEC
  • iPod/iPhone/iPad Digital Audio Connection and Power Recharging*1
  • Wireless Music Playback via Bluetooth from iPod touch/iPhone/iPad or Android Phone*2
  • Digital Amplifier Circuitry to Maintain Clean Audio Signals
  • Supports Onkyo SBX Remote App for Control of SBX-200 via iPod touch/iPhone/iPad*3
  • Active Bass Control
  • Super Bass Function
  • 3.5 mm Analog Audio Input
  • Solid Brushed-Aluminum Handle
  • *1 Ability to recharge on Standby Mode depends on iPod model.  
  • *2 Wireless capability depends on Android model.
  • *3 Compatible with iPod touch (3rd generation or later), iPhone (3GS or later), and iPad. All models require iOS 4.0 or later.


  • 10.5 cm Full-Range Bass-Reflex Speakers
  • iPod/iPhone/iPad Auto Selector
  • iPod touch (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Generation)
  • iPod classic
  • iPod nano (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Generation)
  • iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone
  • iPad 2, iPad

Unique Styling and Functional Design 
As well as letting you get more out of your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, the SBX-200 adds a note of understated cool to your everyday life. The unit’s arresting design incorporates a comfortable aluminum carry handle—a practical feature often overlooked in similar “portable” sound systems. Other details such as the sturdy, dust-free retractable dock and one-touch Bluetooth pairing show the human interface to be just as smooth as the digital one.

Built-in Dock for Direct Digital Connection of iPod/iPhone/iPad
The SBX-200’s built-in dock for iPod/iPhone/iPad features a direct digital connection that lets you play back all your favorite music and podcasts in a variety of audio formats. As the audio signals are transported in digital form, rather than analog, the signal quality remains pristine. Your iPod/iPhone/iPad is automatically recharged whenever it sits in the dock, and you can operate major functions on the device with the SBX-200’s remote controller.

Wireless Music Playback via Bluetooth 
Sometimes it’s convenient to have your iPod touch / iPhone / iPad or Android phone closer to hand while you listen to music. For those occasions, push the “pairing” button on the SBX-200 to play the library on your iPod touch/iPhone/iPad or Android phone wirelessly via its inbuilt Bluetooth receiver. It’s that simple!

Convenient SBX Remote App for iOS  
Available as a free download from the App Store, the Onkyo SBX Remote App for iPod touch/iPhone/iPad* lets you easily operate the SBX-200 from anywhere in the room. Control the playback of songs or podcasts, adjust settings (for example, the volume and Super Bass function), and browse the music library on your iOS device—all without leaving the application. The app operates wirelessly via Bluetooth, and when your iPod touch/iPhone/iPad is docked. 
*Compatible with iPod touch (3rd generation or later), iPhone (3GS or later), and iPad. All models require iOS 4.0 or later. For more information, visit the App Store or Onkyo website.

Active Bass Control  
At quiet volume levels, human hearing becomes less sensitive to sounds at the upper and lower ends of the audible spectrum. To compensate for the perceived loss of bass sounds at lower volumes, the SBX-200 incorporates Onkyo’s proprietary Active Bass Control. This function maintains an optimal balance of low-frequency sounds by making automatic, real-time adjustments in line with the playback volume. Listeners are able to enjoy smooth and natural-sounding bass at any volume level.

Quality Onkyo Speaker Design 
Onkyo has decades of experience in crafting high-quality speakers for all segments of the audio market. The SBX-200’s two full-range, bass-reflex speakers incorporate 10.5 cm cones and are housed in independent cabinets to minimize interference. You get to enjoy a richly musical performance that belies the system’s modest dimensions. 

Amplifier Section
Power Output 20 W + 20 W 
(6 Ω, 1 kHz, 2 channels driven, IEC)
Input Sensitivity and Impedance
1000 mV/20 W, 6 Ω, 47 kΩ (Line)
THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise)
0.5% (1 kHz, 1 W)
Frequency Response 40 Hz–20 kHz (±3 dB)
Tone Control +4 dB, 80 Hz (Super bass 1)
+8 dB, 80 Hz (Super bass 2)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 76 dB (Line, IHF-A)
Speaker Section
Speaker Type Full-range, Bass-reflex
Drivers 10.5 cm cone x 2
Power Supply AC 100–240 V~, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 27 V
Standby Power Consumption
0.3 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 450 x 176 x 131 mm
Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 522 x 198 x 270 mm
Weight 5.0 kg
Supplied Accessories
• Power cord • AC adapter • Remote controller 
• Cushion for iPad • Instruction manual


3 Year Warranty



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