P3 is a carefully crafted reduction of the award winning P5 on-ear headphone acclaimed for its comfort and class leading sound. Listen, you won' be disappointed.
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From dream to global brand Bowers & Wilkins has come a long way from John Bowers building speakers by hand, in the back room of a small southern English electrical store in 1966. Yet the global brand is still driven by his quest for the perfect speaker. Bowers & Wilkins engineering laboratory, still based in the same part of England, is behind the most innovative and best-sounding speakers, headphones and Wireless Music Systems in the world. That's why Bowers & Wilkins products are found in some of the world's top studios. That's why Bowers & Wilkins products deliver music as it's meant to be heard with every emotion intact. That's why Bowers & Wilkins remains unique. Listen and you'll see.

Passion For Music: Bowers & Wilkins devotion to sound goes far beyond its quest for the ultimate speaker.

Society of Sound: Bowers & Wilkins online space where musicians, technicians and enthusiasts share music, knowledge and the quest for true sound. Members also receive monthly master tape-quality album downloads, chosen by Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios and the LSO.

Studio: Given Bowers & Wilkins reputation for audio quality, it's not surprising its speakers are used in some of the world's leading audio studios. Music from the world's best artists is heard first through 800 Series Diamond speakers, in London's Abbey Road Studios. Bowers & Wilkins speakers also serve Hollywood's audio experts at Skywalker Sound studios, Marin County, California.

Events: Taking Society of Sound into the real world with live performances, Bowers & Wilkins Sound Sessions offer access to exclusive, invitation-only events with amazing artists including Coldplay, Metallica and Emeli Sandé.

Events Taking Society of Sound into the real
world with live performances, Bowers & Wilkins
Sound Sessions offer access to exclusive,
invitation-only events with amazing artists
including Coldplay, Metallica and Emeli Sandé

Driven To Perfection: It's not just leading audio studios, musicians and technology critics that recognize Bowers & Wilkins as the leading quality audio brand. Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins share a passion for engineering excellence, technological innovation and exquisite styling. Bowers & Wilkins systems for Maserati are designed to deliver the most immersive in-car entertainment experience, perfectly tuned to match each model's unique audio signature. Bowers & Wilkins speakers are also used in some of the world's most luxurious hotels, including the Carlyle in Manhattan and the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago.

P3 Features

New, Improved Edition of P3 Headphones: A refreshed version of the successful and highly portable P3 headphones with a new premium leather finish. Thanks to improved components and better acoustics, the leather-clad P3 Series 2 is the best sounding affordable headphone B&W have ever produced.

Improved Audio: To deliver natural-sounding response and exceptional clarity for headphones this size, B&W redesigned the driver including a unique damping system to control diaphragm movement. Their passionate engineers have worked tirelessly to improve the P3 Series 2's drive units, with a number of seemingly small changes delivering an incrementally much improved performance.

Quality Materials: P3 Series 2 is crafted from the finest materials, including aluminium and sheepskin leather, not just for performance but also luxury and durability.

Maximum Portability: P3 Series 2's smart easy fold design means they easily slip into a pocket or purse, or in its bespoke case. P3 Series 2 are perfect for delivering pristine sound on the move. They are robust yet lightweight, easy to fold away and come with their own hard shell carry case to protect them when not in use.

Smart Design: P3 Series 2 retains its lightweight construction and innovative folding mechanism, which is both reassuringly strong and incredibly comfortable, but also perfect for stowing away.

Smart Features: P3 Series 2 come supplied with a choice of cables including a mic/remote option ideal for using with an iPhone. Cables are easy to change thanks to the simple to remove, replaceable ear pads.


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